Aircraft Warning Lighting By Features

Aircraft Warning Lighting By Features

Replying on the lighting intensity, aircraft warning lighting is a kind of signal lighting fixtures used in tall buildings to warn aircraft to keep away from any kind of danger, aircraft warning light also called obstruction light, aviation light, led obstruction light, mainly include low intensity obstruction light, medium intensity obstruction light and high intensity obstruction light based on the lighting intensity and application height. SUREALL aircraft warning light are ICAO and FAA certified to be used as FAA lighting, ICAO obstruction light.


Different Types of Aircraft Warning Lighting

According to ICAO and FAA regulations, the obstacles is higher, the lighting intensity of aircraft warning lighting should be higher depending on the warning level. In order to improve the safety and warning preciseness, there are three types of aircraft warning lighting for option to layout below:

Low Intensity Obstruction Light
Low intensity obstruction light, other names low intensity obstacles light, produce less than 32.5cd lighting intensity as low intensity for lower height obstacles to be worked as aviation lamp for tower, faa tower lighting, faa obstruction marking and lighting, aeronautical obstruction light, tower aircraft warning light, wind turbine obstruction light, red obstruction light. Battery-operated back-up systems, visibility sensor systems and controllers with advanced communication interfaces are available to complement your aviation warning lights system.
Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
Medium intensity obstruction light, also called medium intensity aviation light, medium intensity aviation obstructions lights, delivery less than 2,000cd lighting intensity as medium intensity for middle height obstacles to be operated as aircraft warning lights for buildings, faa obstruction lighting, aviation light for building, airport obstruction lights, led aviation obstruction light, faa red obstruction lights. SUREALL medium intensity obstruction light product are part of our broad, pioneering range of aviation obstructing lighting.
High Intensity Obstruction Light
High intensity obstruction light, other detailed names high intensity obstacles lights, high intensity aviation obstruction light, offer more than 2,000cd lighting intensity as high intensity for high height obstacles to be used as aviation obstruction light, led obstruction light, tower aviation light, aviation red obstruction lights, aircraft warning lamp, airfield obstruction lights. SUREALL high intensity obstruction light solutions are used all over the world to make high-rise structures like towers, skyscrapers, bridges and offshore structures

How to Choose Aircraft Warning Light?

Aircraft Warning Lights are a kind of lighting signal fixtures designed to make tall structures more visible to be seen clearly for aircraft to avoid the crash to the obstacles both day and night.

Generally speaking, you are impossible to find a universal standard that defines the mandatory requirements for how to design and install aircraft warning light, Anyway, two recognized standards in the world are the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, an agency of the United States Department of Transportation) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization, a United Nations agency)

Aircraft Warning    Aircraft Warning

There are three types of aircraft warning light mainly used for varied height of obstacles: low intensity obstruction light, medium intensity obstruction light, high intensity obstruction light.

1. Low intensity obstruction lights are designed for buildings with low extension and height above the ground below 45 meters. If the use of low intensity obstacle warning lights is insufficient or an intensive warning is required in special case, then medium intensity obstruction light should be installed to replace the low intensity obstruction light, or the low intensity obstruction lights can be combined with medium intensity obstruction light together.

2. Medium intensity obstruction lights can be be installed where the object whose height above the ground is more than 45 meters but lower than 150 meters. When you design several levels, top and middle positions can install medium intensity obstruction light, the lower position can install low intensity obstruction light. If the use of medium intensity obstacle warning lights is insufficient or an intensive warning is required in special case, you can install high intensity obstruction light at the top position to replace the medium intensity obstruction light.

3. High intensity obstruction lights should be used to indicate the presence of an object if the height above the ground reaches up to 150 meters and requested obstruction light is very crucial to indicate the obstacles at daytime. You can install high intensity obstruction light at the top of obstacles, combined with medium intensity obstruction light at the middle height of the obstacles and low obstruction light at the lower height of the obstacles.

4. The regulations of the FAA (but not in the ICAO guidelines) request dual aircraft warning lighting system to enhance the signal when one device shut down, that is say, one of aircraft warning light is broken, the other will immediately be turn on automatically to maintain the continuous working. Dual aircraft warning lighting system contains two pieces of the same intensity obstruction lights, one is used for main function, the other is used for emergency function.

This article was aimed to give a short idea on the products related to aircraft warning lighting system and does not pretend to be a guideline, if you want to know suitable type and quantity of obstruction light you need for your projects, please contact SUREALL technical team.

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