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Industrial lighting, also called industrial light fixture, industrial light fixtures, led lighting, led lights, waterproof led lights, led warehouse lighting, waterproof lights, industrial light bulb, industrial spotlights, industrial led lighting, waterproof led, waterproof light fixture, industrial lighting products, commercial industrial lighting, heavy duty lighting, industrial shop lights, rugged grade lighting, wet location lighting, led factory lights, industrial factory lighting, industrial led light fixtures, wet location led lighting, ip rated lights.

Industrial lighting are divided into six different groups consisting of industrial high bay lighting, industrial flood light, street light, linear fluorescent light, emergency & portable light, aircraft warning light. Of which, industrial high bay lighting contains jelly jar light, high bay led lights, garage lighting, high bay lighting, ufo light, high temperature light. Industrial flood light contain industrial led flood lights, led flood lights, stadium lights, led sports lighting, led parking lots lights, gym lighting, high mast light. Street light contain roadway light, solar street lamp, bridge of light, solar panel street light, led shoebox light, cobra head light. Linear fluorescent light contain fluorescent light fittings, led warehouse lighting, fluorescent plant light, led fluorescent light fixture, led linear lighting, linear led high bays, linear high bay led lights. Emergency & portable light contain emergency exit sign, bug eye emergency light, tripod light, portable led work light, portable lighting. Aircraft warning light contain low intensity aircraft warning light, medium intensity aircraft warning light, high intensity aircraft warning light.

Industrial lighting provide professional lighting solutions for heavy industry, wet location, high corrosion, dusty environment ranging from IP65 to IP66, IP67, IP68 rated, from NEMA 4 to 4X, 6, 6P. New led technology application produce high lumens output for garage, warehouse, workshop, factory, stadium, sport court, bridge, tunnel, subway, street, highway, paint booth, airport, dock.

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Lights?

Industrial lights play a critical role in lighting business especially in heavy industry, manufacturing industry. Aiming to set up a high-efficient and automatic processing manufacturing lines within 24 hours operation, market demands push the lighting industry to explore explicit and direct ways of adopting all possible changes to improve the lighting durability, stability and energy-saving features to close to real application environment.

Here are some common different types of industrial lights as below:

> Industrial High Bay Lighting

Industrial high bay lighting is the most popular lighting fixtures among all industrial lighting types. No matter manufacturing plant, warehouse, assembly lines or workshop, a tall ceiling will be designed to accommodate heavy processing machines, loading machines, cargo rack and ensure the necessary space for operation, high bay lighting can be the obvious suitable choice to install in this tall ceiling to distribute proper lumen output to workbench or areas.

Industrial High Bay Lighting

> Industrial Flood Light

Industrial flood light is born for increased lighting intensity with both functions of spotlight and flood light when with narrow or wide beam angle to be utilized in large outdoor areas, opening areas, outdoor processing plant, pipe system, tower plants, outdoor warehouse, dock areas, loading and unloading areas. It can also be used in stadium, garage, gym, sport court, parking lots, airport, high mast system, bridge and statue for nigh-time lighting purpose.

Industrial Flood Light

> Street Light

Industrial street light is designed to illuminate the internal road for industrial zone, dock or yard, passing aisles, exit and access for outdoor warehouse or processing plants. Street light is also crucial in traffic management for roads and highway, bridge of cities and countries to ease the pressure of traffic jam and solar street light can be suitable for anywhere electricity cost higher price through state grid or is not convenient to reach.

Street Light

> Linear Fluorescent Light

Linear fluorescent light is shaped like a long linear tube as the most conventional lighting application for decades among all kinds of lighting. It has numerous applications specially for industrial conditions such as garage, warehouse, processing plant, workshop, machinery cabin rooms, control rooms, labs, parking lots. Today's fluorescent light can be converted from traditional fluorescent lamp tube into high lumen efficiency led tube with labor-free instructions.

Linear Fluorescent Light

> Emergency & Portable Light

Emergency light is a essential lighting group for the normal operation for a facility when installed at the exit, stairs, ladders and aisles. Portable light is able for temporary lighting purpose for machine maintenance, quality control, outdoor working. Back-up battery for lasting 3 hours can maintain the emergency lighting requests when power is failed or difficult to connect.

Emergency & Portable Light

> Aircraft Warning Light

Aircraft warning light is one of the warning system to installed at the high industrial tower, tall manufacturing chimney, processing machines and tall buildings to remind the aircrafts to the distance to obstruction to make sure the safety. Different height request various light intensity of aircraft warning light, long lifetime led lamp minimize the operating cost.

Aircraft Warning Light

What Are Industrial Lights Called?

Improper lighting in the industrial workplaces may lead to serious injury for people's life, damage to products quality, low efficiency for labor, industrial lighting should be ensured the durability and reasonability before operation from all aspects, but it is not a easy thing for you to find a good quality and suitable lighting for your facilities. Industrial lights are called to numerous names when the industrial lights have varied technical specification data and applications.

Do your factory, workshop, warehouse, garage need new industrial lighting?

Here are some reliable basic knowledge of industrial lighting to fit your business needs in any industry, learn how you can find the right industrial lighting for your workplace as below:

  • By Features

When the lighting is applied for industry, then we call it industrial lighting as a whole name, you can also call the exact name for certain shape or feature as below.

>Industrial High Bay Lighting

>Industrial Flood Light

>Street Light

>Linear Fluorescent Light

>Emergency & Portable Light

>Aircraft Warning Light

  • By Application

Here are some detailed name of industrial lighting depending on the real application:

Factory light, workshop light, warehouse light, garage light, gym light, jobsite light, tunnel light, sport court light, sport filed light, marine grade lighting, basement light, stadium light, parking lot light, high mast light, airport light, carport light, seaport light, statue light, venue light, bridge light, monument light, museum light, paint booth light, road light, driveway light, roadway light, freeway light, highway light, public light, aviation light, obstruction light.

  • By IP/NEMA Rating

Here are some detailed name of industrial lighting subject to the ingress protection IP standard and NEMA standard:

You can call waterproof led lights, waterproof light, weatherproof light, wet location lighting, wet location led lighting, water proof light, wet rated lighting,  ip65 waterproof light, ip65 led light,ip65 light,  ip66 waterproof light, ip66 light, ip67 waterproof rating lighting, ip67 water resistant light, ip67 rating light, ip67 light, ip68 water resistant light, ip68 waterproof rating light, ip rated lights, ip lighting, nema 3r rating light, nema 4 rating light, nema 7 light.

IP vs NEMA Standard  

Types Of Industrial Lights

  • By HID/LED Lamp

You can call hid light, hid fixture, high pressure sodium lamp, sodium light, metal halide light, hps light, mh light when high intensity discharging lamp source are applied, on the other hand, you can call led light, cob led light, smd led light when light-emitting diode lamp source are applied.

HID vs LED Watt Equivelent 

HID vs LED Watt Equivelent

LED lamp have much higher lumens to watts when compared with HID lamp

  • By Color Temperature/Kelvin Temperature

You can call 2700k color temperature light 3000k color temperature light, 3500k color temperature light ,4000k color temperature light, 5000k color temperature light, 5000k led light, 6000k color temperature light, 6000 kelvin light, 6500k color temperature light.

Color Temperature

Definition: Color temperature is a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light bulb. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. Typically, Kelvin temperatures for commercial and residential lighting applications fall somewhere on a scale from 2000K to 6500K.

Industrial Lighting Suppliers

What Are Industrial Lights Called?

FAQS about Industrial Lighting


What is factory lighting? What type of lights are used in factories?


Factory lighting is to mount industrial high bay lights and industrial floodlights to a sufficient height so that uniform lighting distribution of over several workshops is obtained in the factory. Industrial high bay lighting are used for most factory cases because of flexible mounting accessories and IP66 rated weatherproof features for complicated and extreme factory environment, linear fluorescent light can be applied for lighting local workbench and emergency light can be used for lighting the exit, access.


Which type of lighting system is used for industrial lighting


Consider led. Other high pressure sodium, metal halide lamp have been used for industrial lighting for decades traditionally in the past, as led consume much less energy, produce full spectrum light, work for longer lifespan compared with hid lamp, now led trend to replace all other kinds of lamps to be used for industrial lighting.

FAQS about Industrial Lighting1
FAQS about Industrial Lighting2

What lighting is used in a warehouse?


Industrial led high bay lighting and industrial led linear fluorescent light produce efficient light from the high ceiling to ground in a indoor warehouse where store common or liquid cargos. Industrial floodlight and street lights are normally used for large space in an outdoor warehouse. Emergency light and portable lighting are used at exit, access, door for both indoor and outdoor warehouse.


How many types of light used in a plant or an industry?


As for lamp type, there are normally four types lamps incandescent, fluorescent, hid, led to be used as industrial lighting in a plant or an industry, hid and led are most common lamp type and led is the more durable widely used. As for light fixture type, depend on the application place, there are seven types in a industrial plant, like industrial high bay light, industrial floodlight, street light, linear fluorescent lights, emergency lights, portable lighting, aircraft warning lights.


What does wet rated lighting mean? Should I get waterproof or non-waterproof LED lights?


Wet rated lighting means lighting fixture can be used in wet location such as outdoor where rain or snow encounter, indoor where liquid flows. If the application environment is humid, damp or wet, you should use waterproof LED lights. SUREALL industrial lighting are IP66 rated to protect the lighting fixture from water entering and maintain the normal working for electrical parts inside the fixtures, besides, the housing is anti-rust to avoid the damage from moisture to ensure the integrated operation.


What color light is best for a workshop?


4500-6000K light color temperature is best for a workshop. Choosing a proper color temperature for light is important for used environments, particularly in large industrial places such as workshop, factory or warehouse where bright white 4500-6000K are crucial for showing the true color of products, maintaining good health and safety practices and keeping staff at maximum efficiency.


What is the brightest light for a garage? Are LED lights good for a garage?


Garage is not just a place to park cars now, sometimes it is also worked as a storage room, woodworking room, art craft room which request sufficient lighting to enable to be used at night. High bay light and linear fluorescent light with led lamps can produce nature light without chemical hazards for garage to consistent lighting performance for at least 5 years lifespan.


Are LED lights heat resistant?


Parts of LED lights are heat resistant, LED lights normally emit some heat specially from high watts led lamp, but the designed heat sink structure can eliminate or limit the temperature rise under the general ambient temperature from -40℃(-40℉) to +55℃(131℉). Anyway, if the environment temperature can reach up to +70℃(158℉) for especially industrial metal iron processing workshop, high temperature high bay lights should be used because it request with extra heat delivery surface.

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