250w Led Flood Light

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250w led flood lighting is relative to 250w explosion proof flood lighting, 250w industrial led flood lights, 200w led flood light to be used as c1d2 lighting, class 1 div 2 led lighting, class 1 div 2 led light fixtures, class 2 div 1 led lighting, explosion proof spotlight, led parking lot lights, airport lighting, marine flood light, statue lighting, gym lighting, garage flood light, basket court lights, led sport lighting, waterproof flood light, basketball light, watercraft lighting, football filed lights.


250w Explosion Proof Led Flood Light

SUREALL 250W explosion proof led flood light are ATEX and Intertek certified for harsh, hazardous location.

  • Led 35,000lumens, 140lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, excellent heat sink structure

  • Class 1 div 2 only

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2

  • 5 years warranty

Explosion Proof Led Flood Light Class 1 Div 2 Zone 2 SHF-IIA Series

Class I Division 2

Zone 2, Zone 21&22

LED 20-400W

Type 4X, IP66

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250w Industrial Led Flood Light

SUREALL 250w industrial led flood light are CE and Rohs certified for wet, damp, dusty and weather proof location.

  • Led 35,000 lumens, 140lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, powder coated surface, corrosion resistance

  • To use for heavy industry

  • IP66 rated, Nema 4X type

  • 5 years warranty

Main Usage Of 250w Led Flood Light

250w led flood light can be classified into 250w explosion proof flood lighting and 250w industrial led flood light, here some usages for your consideration before buying from three aspects, lighting area, application and selection guide.

  • Lighting Area

The lighting area of 250 watt explosion proof flood lighting usually can reach up like 120 square meters in hazardous areas with good light intensity, when you ask not that high intensity, you can use it in 150 square meters.

250w industrial led flood light is designed for about 400 square meters lighting area, if your place is 1600 square meters, you can use around 4 pieces to make all place bright and clear to be seen.

  • Application

250 watt explosion proof flood lighting offer elementary lighting for mining and coal production and processing, petroleum refineries, fuel depots, chemical tankers, offshore drilling rigs and platforms, chemical transportation barges, paint spray booth, paint processing center and other facility where ignitable fixture of gas, vapors can present.

250w industrial led flood light provide durable lighting for mobile harbor cranes, container yards, shipyard cranes, offshore wind platforms, overhead cranes in industrial workshop, coastal locations and other serve conditions.

  • Selection Guide

Here you may know some available models for 250w led flood light, every model has different main data for you to choose as below:

Selection guide of 250w explosion proof flood lighting:

ModelPowerLumenExplosion Proof Division/Zone
Class 1  Div 1Class 1 Div 2Zone 1Zone 2Gas Station

Selection guide of 250w industrial led flood light:

ModelPowerLumenIndustrial Features
IP66Heavy IndustrialGeneral

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