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New generation Led street light, shoebox light, cobra head street light for roads in factory, city with durable and labor-free features.


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Street light is the cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution for street, road, bridge, freeway and city when applied with the advance led technology. Led street light is trending to play a very critical role in making smooth traffic flows, safe driving and sidewalk, energy-saving city building. As for some heavy industry plant, led street light can be used at the access or exit of workshop to resist the corrosion for durable and stable lighting. SUREALL street lights can work up to 100,000 hours to ensure maintenance-free features to avoid the replacement which saves labors and enhance the consistent street safety.


Industrial Street Light

Industrial Street Lights ISL Series

LED 80-200W



100-277V / 200-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Road Street Lights ISL-E Series

LED 80-180W



100-277V / 200-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Solar Street Lights ISL-S Series

LED 10-50W



100-277V / 200-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Street Light

  • Integrated waterproof aluminum alloy housing

  • Long lasting time led lamp to reduce maintenance cost

  • High lumen efficiency up to 160lm/w led

  • Cobra head shape with high wind resistance outdoor

  • Energy-saving solar street lights to build low carbon environment

  • Pole mounting, bracket mounting or mast mounting

  • Wide voltage power input for different grid

  • Wide ambient temperature range from -40℃(-40℉) - +50℃(119℉)

  • IP65, IP66 ingress protection, NEMA 4X

Main Usage

Street Lights

Street light can be used in many industries, now we are listing the main usage fields from four aspects, maximum led watts, usage by application, usage by physical place and alternative for brand-new models.


Model           Watt

Max. Led WattMain Features
Corrosion ResistanceSolar TypeIP


  • Maximum led watts

One arm or two arms installed on stanchion pole, lighting can be applicable for different led watts ranges.

  • Usage by application

internal road of outdoor loading dock, outdoor warehouse, factory, workshop, seaport, street, road, roadway, driveway, walkway, freeway, highway, city, country.

Street Light Main Usage
  • Usage by physical places

Street light are installed on the ground-based pole, mast, stanchion, steel based bracket or platform where corrosive, wet, sunny condition exists.

  • Alternative for brand-new model

SUREALL street light is the alternative lighting solution for roadway light, road lamp, public lighting, led road light, solar street lamp, led shoebox light, cobra head light, raceway light.

Street Light Main Usage

Which Is The Best Street Light?

Street light is designed like a shoe box or cobra head for roads, driveway, freeway, city aiming to improving pedestrian and drivers visibility and personal security at night time, especially, industrial street light can be used on inner road of manufacturing factory or loading zone.

The best street light must have following features:

1. IP66 housing

Heavy duty aluminum body for weather protection like heavy wind/rain, polyester based powder coating surface to resist sunlight and outdoor weather for durable working for long life, the whole street light set should be up to weatherproof  IP66 rated level, besides, the stainless steel screws and fasteners is essential for resist rusting.

2. Lumen/watts

Since street light is significant to ensure safety with long time working at night, all street light in the world can consume a large part of electricity, in order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to set up a carbon neutral environment,  the whole street light should produce at least 140 lumen/watt, up to 160 lumen/watts to strengthen a green city.

3. Asymmetric light distribution

Street light are pole mounted at the two side of street, a best street light should be equipped with lens to give more light output to road side and less output to opposite side to increase the lighting utilization ratio and reduce the light pollution.

4. Pole Height

A good street light can be maximize the lighting efficiency through lighting pole, pole height should be according to wattage rating of streetlight

>Below 12 feet – below 15 watt

>12-15 foot – 15-30 watt

>15-20 foot – 30 to 50 watt

> Above 20 feet – above 50 watt


Which Is The Best Street Light?

FAQs About Street Light


Why is street lighting important?


Today’s street lighting become more and more significant for two main reasons. Firstly, street lighting offer proper illumination at both sides of street to guide cars, pedestrians to be visible for each other to improve the safety to protect people's life. Then, a bright street is a proven way of reducing crime such as robberies to set up a safe society. SUREALL ISL series street light can not only be used in general street but also inner street, road of industrial zone and factory.


What kind of light are street lights?


In the past, high pressure lamp and metal halide lamp are used in street light with yellow color light in the street. Now led lamp is becoming the replacement for street light because led street lights bring no pollution to environment and produce high efficiency light for longer life. Labor-saving and adjustable color temperature feature make led street light a best solution for the street lighting case all over the world.

FAQs About Street Light
FAQs About Street Light

What is LED shoebox light?


LED shoebox light is a typical type of street light normally mounted on the pole, the name is called as the light looks like a shoebox shape. SUREALL ISL-E series led shoebox light provide reliable lighting featuring high energy efficiency with low carbon sustainable social responsibility for street, bridge, highway, road. It trends to be a best replacement lighting for high pressure sodium and metal halide lamp lighting fixtures. 


What is a cobra head street light?


Cobra head street light is a traditional type of street light with hid lamp for several decades, the “cobra head” is called as the shape of cobra head, today's led street light are designed to flat shape in order to arrange the led layout in better manner with long lifespan and maintenance-free features. SUREALL ISL-E series is the updated new generation street light of cobra head street light when applying for the latest led technology.


How long do solar street lights last?


To understand how long solar street lights last, actually every component have different lifespan for SUREALL ISL-S series solar street light , a good polycrystalline solar panels can last up to 10 years, a qualified led bulb can work up to 5 year, some 10 years, high quality back-up battery have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, the excellent remote controllers with quality sealing and waterproof materials can last up to 6 years.

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