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300w Explosion Proof Led Flood Light

SUREALL 300W explosion proof led flood light are ATEX and Intertek certified for harsh, hazardous location.

  • Led 42,000lumens, 140lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, excellent heat sink structure

  • Class 1 div 2 only

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2

  • 5 years warranty

Explosion Proof Led Flood Light Class 1 Div 2 Zone 2 SHF-IIA Series

Class I Division 2

Zone 2, Zone 21&22

LED 20-400W

Type 4X, IP66

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300w Industrial Led Flood Light

SUREALL 300w industrial led flood light are CE and Rohs certified for wet, damp, dusty and weather proof location.

  • Led 42,000 lumens, 140lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, powder coated surface, corrosion resistance

  • To use for heavy industry and general industry

  • IP66 rated, Nema 4X type

  • 5 years warranty

Main Usage Of 300w Led Flood Light

300w led flood light indicate 300w explosion proof flood lighting and 300w industrial led flood light, here some usages for your consideration before buying from three aspects, lighting area, application and selection guide.

  • Lighting Area

Based on high lighting brightness, 300 watt explosion proof flood lighting is normally arranged to be used in 150-200 square meters, if the place need more clear condition, more quantity lights can be installed.

300w industrial led flood light can cover about 400-500 square meters lighting area, if your place is 1,000 square meters, you can use around 3 pieces to make sure the visuality for surroundings.

  • Application

300 watt explosion proof flood lighting are widely used for oil tankers area, ship tanker, crude oil processing area, large onshore oil drilling rig, outdoor chemical warehouse, offshore service vessels, waste water treatment pool where combustible gas or dust concentrate.

300w industrial led flood light is your reliable lighting solutions for tugboats, towboats, dredging equipment, refueling and de-icing work for commercial airport, high mast system for prisons, border post where request large area industrial lighting.

  • Selection Guide

Here you may know some available models for 300w led flood light, every model has different main data for you to choose as below:

Selection guide of 300w explosion proof flood lighting:

ModelPowerLumenExplosion Proof Division/Zone
Class 1  Div 1Class 1 Div 2Zone 1Zone 2Gas Station

Selection guide of 300w industrial led flood light:

ModelPowerLumenIndustrial Features
IP66Heavy IndustrialGeneral


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