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New generation innovation idea drive us for constant review and update for the applied technology and products, ever growing diversified market needs force us toward to expand the breadth and practicability for our products lines to penetrate into what areas may be expected. SUREALL periodically break through the latest technical bottleneck by videos to let you know our hard and soft power  and share the information with you experts to co-construct a communication community by launching our new generation products and technology.

New model and unique design aiming to create a convenient mounting for fast installation with sufficient flexibility and facilitate the cable connecting procedures with input power, SUREALL carry forward craftsman spirit to polish automatic shutdown function and design wireless connection for new products SHB series, when fully balancing the mounting flexibility and heat sink performance for explosion proof high bay lighting in hazardous location.

Are you seeking wireless connection mounting for hazardous location high bay lighting?

Traditional explosion proof high bay light are very heavy and big to withstand the hazardous conditions, we take comprehensive consideration for the light-weight feature and exquisite explosion proof performance to design this SO-I series to reduce the cost and enhance the safety together, high lumens output with flexible mounting options to install any limited space to brighten the workplace and platform, here you could check the video to know all features.

Are you looking for a light-weight explosion proof high bay lighting?

Aiming to forge a cost-effective housing design with high lumen efficiency led lamp and safe operation in harsh and hazardous locations, SUREALL launch a new model SHB-II series with light weight and fast installation features for Class 1 Division 2, Zone 1, Zone 21 classified explosive areas, it can be widely used for 70% of hazardous areas where explosive gas or dust will not like to present when normal operation.

Are you in market for explosion proof lighting with both economic and safe highlights?

Here is introduction for you to understand the essential factors to form explosion, measures to avoid the happening of explosion, several traditional advanced technology to be applied for electrical equipment such as flame proof  “Ex d”, increased safety “Ex e”, intrinsic safety “Ex i”, oil immersion “Ex o”, encapsulation “Ex m”, power filling “Ex q”, pressured “Ex p”, “n” non-spark protection “Ex n”.


Why explosion proof equipment can be used as “Explosion proof ” in hazardous locations?

Driven by the market need for increased safety protection explosion proof high bay light fittings, SUREALL launched a new model SVM series widely used for Class I Division 2, designed with a detachable hinge to hang the heavy housing when electrical engineer execute the maintenance, no need to take down the whole housing, which may reduce the labor cost and improve the maintenance efficiency. 

Are you ready to enhance the convenience of replacement and maintenance for hazardous locations light fittings?

Protected with flame proof housing, SUREALL launched European standard explosion proof flood light SHF-I series approved with ATEX certificate to be used in gas group IIC in Zone 1 and Zone 2, dust group IIIC in Zone 21, Zone 22. This model is built-in high lumens efficiency led to feature in competitive price, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and mechanical impact resistance to be used in oil and gas industry.

Are you requesting a high cost-effective explosion proof flood light in Zone 1? 

For the sake of making impeccable hazardous locations flood light, SUREALL engineer team spent 2 years to develop SHF-IA series explosion proof flood light successfully and received full recognition for the excellent quality and structure with flame proof aluminum alloy housing, hard protection for harshest environment for Class I Division 1 combustible gas or dust locations. SUREALL contribute the whole explosion proof protection for your projects.

Do you want to install a solid and stable explosion proof flood light in Class I Division 1? 

Positioning Class I Division 2 explosion proof flood light, SUREALL developed a new SHF-IIA model with compact housing and unique heat sink dissipation structure for large area illumination in petrochemical project. The fixed mounting bracket facilitate the flexibility for installation in platform. It features in more economic cost, stable explosion proof performance to gain brilliant reputation for lighting application in hazardous locations.

Do you want to a more economic Class I Division 2 explosion proof flood light? 

Lighting The Way To Safety! Choose SUREALL, Sure For All!

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