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Explosion Proof = Safety LED Lighting = Economy


Safety or Economy?-We have the power for both

We firmly believe safety is crucial element for any hazardous locations, we aim to focus on all our  expertise to balance the economic budget for you.

Explosion Proof Equals to Safety

SUREALL Tech enables its customers to select all kinds of explosion proof lighting products to achieve the final goal of safety for addressing today's and tomorrow's challenges to protect the security of lives and property security of lives and property.

Consist of specialized and trained professional staff with extensive expertise and experience in wide areas through excellent technical software and hardware, our team have developed various products portfolio and obtained more than 50 international certificates through keeping the safety principle.

Explosion Proof Equals to Safety
Years of State-of-the-art Technology
International Certificates By the third party
Employees with Well-trained Professional
LED Lighting Equals to Economy

LED Lighting Equals to Economy

SUREALL Tech adopt the latest LED technology as lamp source to the explosion proof lighting products with highlights of high lumen outputs, electrical energy-saving and economic maintenance cost to comply with the global trending of net-zero carbon emission target.

With more policies being issued by most countries globally, new generation LED lamp source contribute to reduce the fuel consumption, deal with fluctuating energy supply and speed up the footprints of embracing the low carbon concept to establish a economy-saving society.

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