Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

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Medium intensity obstruction light offer middle level lighting intensity as obstacles lighting for buildings or towers whose height ranges from 45 meters to 150 meters. Designed with red or white lens, medium intensity aviation light is capable to offer red light at night and white light at daytime for pilots to recognize an obstruction in the airspace to avoid the direct collision at lower to minus 40 centigrade cold temperature environment.


Industrial Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

SUREALL medium intensity obstruction light are CE certified for industrial location.

  • Obstruction height from 45 meters to 150 meters

  • Led 20w, 2,000 cd lighting intensity

  • Red or white color lens

  • Ambient temperature -40℃-+55℃

  • IP66 rated, Nema 4X

  • 5 years warranty

Medium Intensity Aircraft Warning Light AWL-M Series


110-240V AC


Type 4X, IP66

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Main Usage Of Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

Medium intensity obstruction light can be used in many kinds of industrial and heavy industrial plant and tall buildings, here some usages for your consideration before buying from three aspects, installation height, application and selection guide.

  • Installation height

Medium intensity obstruction light can be installed at middle height normally less than 150 meters for any kinds of obstacles. It is mounted at the top and twist of any obstruction for signal for dangers.

  • Application

All high-rise buildings can bring potential dangers for aircrafts, so those buildings need to be lighted as an obstruction to pilots, medium intensity obstruction light can be used for typical applications as below:

  • Coal chimney, oil refineries, power plants, hyperbolic cooling towers

  • Water towers, storage tanks, similar structures

  • Power lines, transmission lines, telecommunication towers

  • Offshore oil & gas platforms, lighthouses

  • Meteorological towers, wind measurement towers

medium intensity

  • Selection Guide

Here you may know available model for medium intensity obstruction light:

Selection guide of medium intensity obstruction light:

ModelLampPowerLighting IntensityLen  ColorAmbient
AWL-MLED20W2,000 cd××-40℃-+55℃×
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