Emergency & Portable Lighting By Features

Emergency & Portable Lighting By Features

Based on features, emergency & portable lighting can be classified into explosion proof exit sign, emergency exit sign light, explosion proof emergency lighting, bug eye emergency light, explosion proof alarm light, emergency strobe light, portable explosion proof lighting, portable flood light, portable explosion proof lighting, portable working light, explosion proof flashlight,  touch light to be used as emergency light when in emergency or accident or portable light when a removable lighting system is required. Back-up battery can maintain up to 180 minutes lighting without any plug-in power at project site.


Different Types of Emergency & Portable Lighting

Since emergency system is improved more and more for any kind of industry, there are numerous kinds of emergency and portable light for option to perfect the emergency program and measures, every type have a focused function for the more clear performance, here are some different types of emergency & portable lighting:

Emergency Exit Sign Light
Emergency exit sign light contains explosion proof exit sign, explosion proof exit light, explosion proof emergency exit lights, explosion proof exit emergency light, explosion proof led exit sign, weather proof exit sign, exit sign, exit sign with lights, emergency exit sign, emergency exit lights, illuminated exit signs. Emergency exit sign light can provide the illuminated exit arrow, exit direction and “EXIT” sign for any people clearly to distinguish the exit site where natural light is insufficient, no matter plug-in power is on or off.
Emergency Strobe Lights
Emergency strobe light is also called explosion proof strobe light, explosion proof alarm light, explosion proof horn, atex warning light, class 1 div 2 strobe light, explosion proof strobe light and horn, explosion proof warning light, explosion proof flash light, explosion proof beacon light, explosion proof strobe, explosion proof horn strobe, explosion proof fire alarm strobe, explosion proof siren, class 1 led strobe light, strobe light, flashing amber beacon light, siren lights, led strobe light, flashing strobe lights, led beacon light, amber led strobe lights, red strobe light. Emergency strobe light offer flashing light and sound based on a fixed changing frequency to warn people to take care of danger and emergency case.
Bug Eye Emergency Light
Bug eye emergency light is designed with two light heads for emergency usage which is also called explosion proof emergency lighting, flame proof emergency lighting, hazardous location emergency lighting, class 1 div 2 emergency light, weatherproof emergency lights, emergency light, emergency lights with battery back-up, bug eye lights, emergency nigh lights. Bug eye emergency light are used to light up a place less light get in continuously or suddenly which is self-powered by emergency battery.
Portable Flood Light
Portable flood light include portable explosion proof flood lighting, portable explosion proof flood lights, portable explosion proof led flood lights, portable led flood light hazardous area, portable atex led floodlight, portable explosion proof flood lights, portable atex floodlight, handheld spotlight, rechargeable flood light, portable spotlight, rechargeable led floodlight. Portable flood light can be carried by hand to anywhere to be worked as flood light for middle size areas.
Portable Working Light
Portable working light consist of portable explosion proof work light, portable explosion proof led work lights, portable explosion proof lighting, portable explosion proof lamp, explosion proof temporary lighting, portable lighting, portable led light, rechargeable led light, tripod light, portable led work light, tripod work light, led tri proof light, led tripod work light, portable tripod. Portable working light are used for short time working or machines maintenance with back-up battery or plug-in power.
Torch Light
Torch light, other name flashing light, covers explosion proof flashlight, division 2 flashlight, c1d1 flashlight, class 1 division 1 headlamp, explosion proof led flashlight, flashlight in division 2, class 1 division 1 flashlight, explosion proof headlight, flashlight division 2, d2 flashlight, explosion proof rechargeable touch, division flashlight, explosion proof led headlamp, class 1 div 1 headlamp, ex torch light. Ex proof flashlight, explosion proof led flashlight. Torch light can be carried in pocket or hanged in hook to anywhere you need with self-power battery.

How To Choose Industrial Emergency Lighting?

For most kinds of plants, especially for hazardous location and industrial application, industrial emergency lighting are crucial for employees to find the exit route clearly to ensure the safety in the workplaces in case of explosion and fire accidents. People will escape to safe place with full illumination well-orderly under the guide of a visible emergency exit when something emergency occurs.

Anyway, it is not easy too choose the right industrial emergency light in the market, in order to make sure the industrial emergency lighting can play the real safety management role to protect the plants and people's life, here we are some instructions for you to select suitable industrial emergency light.

1. Emergency Light Type

There are three emergency light types available for match your needs, emergency exit sign, bug eye emergency light, emergency strobe light.

  •  If your workplace need clear mark of arrows or sign of "EXIT" to show the exit direction or indicate the exact exit location, you can choose emergency exit sign.

  •  If your workplace need an intensive illumination for the dark aisles when power is off, you can choose bug eye emergency light since it is self-powered with back-up battery and it will not be lighted up when power is on.

  •  If your workplace need a flashing light with sound to remind employees something emergency or unsafe is happening and start emergency operation procedures, you can choose emergency strobe light which provide both colored flashing light and sound.

2. Application Location

Whatever types of emergency light, you will install them in requested places, anyway, every emergency light have two application location for option, hazardous location and non-hazardous location.

  • If your workplace can probably produce any kinds of combination of combustible gas, dust, or vapor, such as oil refinery, chemical workshop, please choose explosion proof emergency lighting which can protect your workplace from explosion.

  •  If your workplace is a kind of wet, corrosive, extreme condition, in order to ensure the durable operation for emergency lighting, please choose industrial emergency lighting which is IP 66 rated with corrosive resistance housing.

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