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Bug eye emergency light varies from numerous types, such as led explosion proof emergency lighting, 2x5w led flame proof emergency light, twins lamp led hazardous location emergency lighting, class 1 div 1 emergency lighting, class 1 div 2 emergency lighting, led bug eye emergency light, 1.8w led bug eye emergency light, 3 hour bug eye lights, two-lamp emergency lighting. Bug eye emergency light is a kind of emergency usage light to let anywhere lack of light be lighted well when you can not reach the electricity or in case of some sudden emergency case since it can be turned on automatically when power failed.


Explosion Proof Bug Eye Emergency Light

SUREALL explosion emergency light are ATEX and Intertek certified for harsh, hazardous location.

  • Led 2x5w

  • Led 1,200lumens, 120lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, excellent heat sink structure

  • 90 minutes or 180 minutes emergency lasting time

  • Class 1 div 1

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2

  • 5 years warranty

Explosion Proof Led Emergency Bug-eye Lights SEG Series

Class I Division 1

Zone 1&2, Zone 21&22

LED 2x5W

Type 4X, IP66

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Industrial Bug Eye Emergency Light

SUREALL bug eye emergency light are CE and Rohs certified for wet, damp, dusty and weather proof location.

  • Led 1.8w

  • Led 180lumens, 100m/w lumens efficiency

  • ABS housing, high corrosion resistance

  • To be used in general industry

  • IP67 rated, Nema 4X type

  • 2 years warranty

Main Usage Of Bug Eye Emergency Light

Depends on your real installation surroundings, bug eye emergency light can be used in hazardous location and wet, corrosive location, here some usages for your consideration before buying from three aspects, installation area, application and selection guide.

  • Installation area

Bug eye emergency light normally are installed somewhere rich light should be provided continuously but no enough light can come in temporarily because of power off or emergency condition like power should be forced to cut down for a short time.

  • Application

Explosion proof emergency light are applied for hazardous locations where combustible gas or dust get together below:

  • Access or exit of oil processing areas, LPG and LNG tankers, gas transportation, crude oil drilling rigs

  • Aisles of cabin rooms, steering room, oil cargos holding area, deck for oil vessels or offshore oil and gas platform

  • Inner roadway, aisles of on-the-grounding mining plant, inner room of waster water treatment plant.

  • Workshop of pharmaceutical, chemical processing factory

  • Exit of hazardous liquid warehouse, depot, packing assembly lines 

Bug eye emergency light are applied for area where harsh conditions exits below:

  • Inner workshop of non-hazardous products manufacturing, processing rooms, electrical control rooms

  • Aisles or exit of storage and warehouse area for cartons

  • Exit of machines maintenance areas, shit areas

  • Selection Guide

Here you may know available model for bug eye emergency light, every model have different main data for you to choose as below:

Selection guide of explosion proof emergency light:

Explosion Proof Division/Zone
Class 1 Div 1Class 1 Div 2Zone 1Zone 2
SEGLED2X5w1,200lmBug Eye90 min××××

Selection guide of bug eye emergency light:

Industrial Features
IP67General Industry
AEGLED1.8w180lmBug Eye180min××

The Benefits of Using Bug Eye Light Fixtures in Outdoor Environments

Bug eye fixture is used as bugeye emergency light fixture with build-in 120 minutes or 180 minutes back-up emergency battery. When power if off in outdoor environment, bugeye light fixtures play a safety strengthened role to ensure the 24 hours operation in project site. Bug eye light fixture highlights durable usage with low maintenance cost, high technology led lamp with more than 120 lm/w led lumens efficiency to make sure high energy efficiency, what is more, emergency bug eye fixture can work stably in outdoor or indoor wet, corrosive environment, no need protection shade, as the ingress protection can reach up to IP67, Nema 4X. Emergency bugeye fixtures is also designed with flexible mounting accessories, such as pendant pole type, ceiling type and bracket type, which can be installed at the supporting ceiling or steel structure. User can connect the income cables from the sides for some narrow corners and spaces.

How to Install Bug Eye Light Fixtures

Guide to install bug eye lights

Be certain electrical power is OFF before and during installation and maintenance. Luminaire must be supplied by a wiring system with an equipment grounding conductor. Make sure lens and housing are cool when performing maintenance.

Procedures for install emergency bug eyes

Use a hex wrench to loosen the screws on the lamp body of bug eye emergency light, open the front cover; unscrew the lamp body cable into the mouth of the compression nut, one end of the cable through the compression nut, flat washer and rubber pad into the terminal of the lamp body cavity; then were put cable L, N, ground wire terminal blocks and the corresponding position in the lamp body, adjust the cable length; tighten the cable gland nut; the front cover and tighten the socket head cap screws;

Attention to install led bug eye emergency lights

Choose suitable bolts and corresponding accessories install the lamp in mounting position.

How to Maintain Bug Eye Light Fixtures

Proper maintenance is critical for stable operation for LED bug eye emergency light. Here are some guides for how to maintain the bug eye emergency light:

1. According to the need and choose different rated voltage (24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V) lamps to use, Make sure the supply voltage is the same as the Luminaire voltage.

2. According to the site environment and lighting needs, in determining the appropriate installation location, according to the lighting installation location to the power contacts distance, prepare the appropriate length Φ10 ~ 14mm three core cable;

3. Do not install where the market operating temperatures exceed the ignition temperature of the hazardous atmosphere.

4. Do not operate in ambient temperatures above those indicated on the Luminaire nameplate.

5. Use proper supply wiring as specified on the luminaire nameplate.

6. All gasket seals must be clean.

7. Before opening, electrical power to the luminaire must be turned off. Keep tightly closed when in operation performance;

8. Install using the wire into the emergency bug eye lights, three-hole ring seals should be used, before the level set of lamp use explosion-proof packing seal attachment .

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