Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting

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T8, led tube light fittings to be used as fluorescent light, linear high bay light, led tube light where flammable material exist.


Explosion proof fluorescent lighting, also saying such as explosion proof fluorescent light fittings, explosion proof led linear lighting, explosion proof led tube light, explosion proof linear light, explosion proof tube light fittings, class 1 div 2 fluorescent fixture, zone 1 fluorescent light fittings, occupy up to 20% requests for the type of explosion proof lighting, besides, explosion proof led tube light trend to replace more than 50% of explosion proof fluorescent lighting.

Looked like a long tube widely for area lighting used in low ceiling, linear and narrow space with middle lumens, explosion proof fluorescent lighting normally are structured with increased safety GRP material housing, sometimes die-cast aluminum alloy flame proof housing and contains led or T8 explosion lamp, electrical ballast and led driver to be considered to used as class 1 and class 2 light fittings whose hazard class division rates from class 1 div 1 to class 1 div 2, class 2 division 1 to class 2 division 2 hazardous locations, from Zone 1 to Zone 2 explosive atmosphere. SUREALL explosion proof fluorescent lighting is the antique explosion proof lighting application when oil and gas lighting industry formed several years ago. The main features is light-weight for convenient installation with various mounting methods, such as ceiling mounted, pendant mounted, pole mounted, wall mounted, chain mounted types.


Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting

  • 2 or 4 feet long tube structure

  • Increased safety or flame proof high impact resistance housing

  • Labor-free replacement for led driver, led lamp and connection

  • Possible consistent linear layout with long shape

  • Middle lumens output to lighting a working area

  • Durable with T8 lam tube and high lumens efficiency with led lamp tube

  • Wide voltage power input for different grid

  • Wide ambient temperature range from -40℃ - +55℃

  • IP66, IP67 ingress protection, NEMA 4X

  • Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2, Class 2 Division 1, Class 2 Division 1

  • Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22

Main Use

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting

Explosion proof fluorescent lighting can be applied for four orientation subject to the highlights, hazard class division for hazardous area classifications, usage by application for real plant names, usage by mounting places for abstract mounting site and alternative for other model.



Class DivisionZone
C1D1C1D2C2D2Zone 1Zone 2Zone 21Zone 22

  • Hazard class division

Explosion proof fluorescent lighting can be used for different class and division replying on the classification standard, hazard class division can be class 1 div 1 and class div 2, class 2 division 1 and class 2 division 2, zone 1 and zone 2, zone 21 and zone 22, you can check the hazardous area classifications chart as below.

  • Usage by application

Based on the application field, explosion proof fluorescent lighting can be used in refinery plant, petrochemical plant, gas station plant, oil tankers, fuel tank, chemical factory, pesticide factory, anywhere there is flammable gas, vapor, mist and dust.

Explosion Proof Emergency Lighting
  • Usage by mounting places

Explosion proof fluorescent lighting can be used in master control room,power distribution room, fuel processing areas, cabinet of tankers, underground, test center for petrochemical and chemical production areas and other areas requesting middle lumen lighting for hazardous locations.

  • Alternative for brand-new model

SUREALL explosion flood lighting is the alternative lighting solution for elite led lighting, exel lighting, acle lighting, exen lighting, prse lighting, atx led.

Explosion Proof Emergency Lighting Main Use

What Makes Fluorescent Lighting Explosion Proof?

Once a fluorescent light is equipped with explosion proof components or explosion proof shell, a fluorescent light can be explosion proof.

If you only request class 1 div 2 fluorescent light, SUREALL design a explosion proof housing to avoid the explosion for electrical ballast or led driver separately in advance, along with increased safety contacts for T8 or led lamp tube, increased safety terminal blocks, we put all components inside a increased safety shell to make a fluorescent light explosion proof.

If you need to request class 1 div 1 fluorescent light, SUREALL put all general components including electrical ballast or led driver, T8 or led lamp tube and terminal blocks inside a flame proof shell with high thickness die cast aluminum alloy material to make a fluorescent light explosion proof.

What Makes Fluorescent Lighting Explosion Proof?

FAQs about Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting


Are fluorescent lights explosion proof?


Yes, some fluorescent lights are explosion proof when treated by explosion proof technology. You know fluorescent lights are made of some electrical parts such as tube lamp, electrical ballast or driver and terminal blocks which probably produce fire when over-loaded, SUREALL apply intensive safety material to reduce the temperature floating range to remove the potential for fire to ignite the surrounding environment. In some case, if the electrical parts can be not stopped to occurring, SUREALL will install all electrical parts in a flame proof housing to control the explosion exactly just inside the housing, but not the outside of the housing to avoid the explosion.


Can fluorescent light tube explode?


No, fluorescent light tube can not explode today. Now almost all fluorescent light tube are lightened by electrical ballast which will eliminate the flashing to makes it impossible for a light tube to be over-heated to explode. In some special case, even through the light tube will be burned in bad condition and can not work normally any more, you can replace it with a new light tube freely but do not worry it will explode. SUREALL explosion proof fluorescent lighting will absolutely explode because they are explosion proof treated before leaving factory.

FAQs about Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting
FAQs about Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting

Are vapor proof light explosion proof?


No, vapor proof light are not explosion proof, vapor proof light is actually a water proof light stopping the rain, water, moisture, liquid, non-combustible dust and non-hazardous gas and vapor entering to the housing with good sealing performance, but the housing can not withstand the explosion or the components inside are not explosion proof, so it is not explosion proof resistance even it reach up to IP54 or IP66 ingress protection degree.


Is fluorescent lighting a hazard?


No, fluorescent lighting will not produce a hazard substances during all normal and abnormal working process because the hazard are storage in a confined long tube to avoid the leakage in any case unless the fluorescent light is crushed by external force such as dropping or other man-made damaging because the tube is made of glass easy to be crushed.


Are LED tube lights safe?


Yes, LED tube lights are safe for you and your environment. LED tube light is a long tube kind of led light whose base board are integrated with several lines of led chips. Different from T8, T12 fluorescent tube lamp, LED tube lamp can not produce hazards to bring harmful influence to your health and stay in cool condition to isolate the heat to extremely decrease the possibility for fire.

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