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Innovated spotlight and flood light solution for large areas for industrial warehouse, stadium, sport court and high mast lighting system.


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Industrial flood lights are normally designed like a projector shape with aluminum alloy housing to withstand corrosive and wet conditions to be used for heavy industry areas, factory, warehouse, workshop, stadium, parking lot, gym, sport field (basketball, tennis, football, baseball, soccer, pickleball), square, airport, carport, statue, venue, bridge, monument, museum. Industrial led flood lights. LED lamp provide extra high lumen output up to 280,000 lumen for locations requesting consistent and continuous lighting performance, durable lasting life and free of maintenance where wet, dusty condition exist. IP66 and NEMA 4X make it waterproof to be used as the industrial flood lights outdoor.


Industrial Flood Light

Industrial Flood Lights PFM-A Series

LED 30-560W



100-277V / 200-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Industrial High Watts Flood Lights PFM-E Series

LED 100-1000W



100-277V / 347-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Led Stadium Lights PFM-S Series

LED 400-1200W



100-277V / 277-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Led Sport Lights PFM-P Series

LED 400-2400W



100-277V / 277-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Industrial Flood Light

  • Single or modular high corrosive aluminum alloy housing

  • Patent heat sink dissipation structure to reduce the heat rise

  • LED power up to 2000 watts, lumen efficiency up to 140lm/w

  • Excellent for large opening space with stable brightness

  • Flexible lumen requests for different sizes of application areas

  • Floodlight and spotlight solution with varied beam angle

  • Wide voltage power input for different grid

  • Wide ambient temperature range from -40℃(-40℉) - +50℃(119℉)

  • IP65, IP66 ingress protection, NEMA 4X

Main Usage

Industrial Flood Light

Industrial flood lights can be used in many industries, now we are listing the main usage fields from four aspects, maximum led watts, usage by application, usage by physical place and alternative for brand-new models.



Model               Watt

Max. Led WattLed Housing
Type IType IIType IllType IVType VType VI



  • Maximum led watts

In order to ensure brilliant heat sink performance, modular housing combination is a common measure to increase the applied led watts, industrial high bay lighting can be applicable for different led watts ranges.

  • Usage by application

Loading dock, warehouse, gym, factory, workshop, seaport, parking lot, high mast, square, statue, venue, bridge, monument, museum, airport, carport, garage, basement, marine, sport field including basketball, tennis, football, soccer, baseball, pickleball.

Industrial Flood Light
  • Usage by physical places 

Industrial flood lights can be on the ground or steel bracket, we, steel structure ,wet locations, wall areas, high mast bracket, off-court areas and other areas with or without based frame or plates, where corrosive, wet, dusty condition exists.

  • Alternative for brand-new model 

SUREALL industrial flood lights is the alternative lighting solution for pfme flood light, pfm flood light, pfma flood light, npfm flood light, arran flood light, hdn106n flood light, hdn106ne flood light.

Industrial Flood Light Main Usage

What Is The Best Led Floodlight? What Is A Good Flood Light? What Is The Most Powerful Led Flood Light?

Industrial flood lights project high-output lighting lumens to increase visibility for a large square place whose light can be focused on a specific area. In most manufacturing plants, a large space is designed to stack cargos, place machinery outdoor, industrial led flood light last longer and use less energy than floodlights with other lamp types, such as halogen or fluorescent. What's more, industrial flood lights can be used in public areas such as stadium, parking lot, sport filed, airport, garage, bridge and statue.

Here let us learn more how to choose a good flood light:

1. Lumens Efficiency

Compared with traditional halogen or fluorescent light, led flood lights produce up to 160lm/w lumens efficiency saving at least 60-70% energy based on the same lumens output. A good led flood light is made of high quality and high lumens for every watts. 100W led flood light may be equivalent to 400W of other lamp and even the most powerful led flood light can reach up to 2000W for 320,000 lumens.

2. Beam Angle

A good flood light should be adjustable for beam angle from 45°to 120°with both spotlight function to concentrate the light to a relatively small areas and flood light function to distribute the whole light to a wide range area. The simulated lighting distribution can be tailor-made among the process procedures to meet the actual market needs.

3. Heat Sink Performance

Led lamp may product heat itself during operation normally, the higher lumens output, the higher temperature the light housing will form, a excellent precise designed heat sink structure to increase the heat exchange with the atmosphere is critical to make it durable and stable after working for a period of time since overheat will damage the led driver and led lamp for shutdown.

4. IP/Nema Rating

Industrial flood light are installed outdoor in condition such as wet location, damp location, dusty location, corrosive location, a good flood light should have weather proof housing with anti-corrosion powder coated surface and factory sealed gasket to prevent any water, moisture or dust coming into the electrical parts to enhance the lasting time to reduce the labor cost for replacement and maintenance.

What Is The Best Led Floodlight? What Is A Good Flood Light? What Is The Most Powerful Led Flood Light?

FAQs About Industrial Flood Light


Which type of lighting system is used for flood and industrial it?


Industrial LED flood light. For most industrial factory, warehouse, manufacturing plant outdoor, when considering the industrial flood light system, LED is the best option because LED last much longer time up to 50,000 hours even 100,000 hours to maintain the consistent lighting requirements for 24 hours industrial operation. SUREALL PFM-A series is IP66 rated for extremely environment such as high and low temperature, rainy, wet, corrosive condition.


What is high mast lighting system?


High mast lighting system consist of an ultra high pole(up to 150 feet from the ground), a metal plane to accommodate light and several numbers sets of floodlights(normal more than 4 sets) to be used at the middle of squares or large transportation centers, loading and unloading ports, sea ports, factory zones to offer wide area lighting. SUREALL PFM-E series designed with a combined housing with optional separate units to adjust the whole watts as requested up to 1000 watts.

FAQs About Industrial Flood Light
FAQs About Industrial Flood Light

What are the lights in a stadium called?


Stadium light or flood light. Stadium light is a certain functional flood light often used to illuminate a large playing field with extra high lighting intensity and broad beam angle where a sport event is being held. SUREALL PFM-S series stadium light provide up to 168,000 lumens and beam angle from 5°to 60°lighting system to your stadium no matter football stadium, event stadium.


What lighting is best for parking lots?


Flood lights is best for parking lots, especially for outdoor ground parking lots. Parking lots normally offer places for people to park cars with large and wide space outdoor, flood light can be stanchion mounted at the side of the carport with high lighting intensity with wide beam angle to illuminate the inner road and position for drivers. SUREALL PFM-E series is equipped with high efficiency led for your parking lots. 


How many lumens do you need for a sport court?


Sport court can be held recreational competitions and professional match, for most general recreational sport courts, 75 to 200 lux is required, depends on the square meters of sport court, for example, when the sport court is 100 square meters, the required lumens should be 7,500 to 20,000 lumens. SUREALL PFM-P series led sport flood light provide 56,000 to 280,000 lumens option for your sport court based on your actual square meters.

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