Street Lighting By Features

Street Lighting By Features

Street lighting, also called roadway light, can be roughly divided low wattage led street lighting, high wattage led street lighting and 200w led street lighting based on the wattages. Since the maximum wattage of solar street light is normally 50w, low wattage led street lighting include 15w solar street lamp, 20w solar street light, 25w solar panel street light, 30w solar street lamp, 40w solar street light, 50w solar panel street light. Anyway, high wattage led street lighting have variety of types, such as 60w explosion proof street light, 70w industrial street light, 80w led street light, 90w flame proof street light, 100w industrial street lighting, 120w roadway light, 150w flame proof street light, 150w cobra head light and 150w led shoe box. When the wattage come up ultra high wattage 200w, this type led street light is rarely used in general street, but in corrosive, extreme industrial inner road or street inside the industrial plant or factory.


Different Wattages Options For Street Lighting

In order to save energy to respond to carbon neutral society, city street or country road trend to install more and more low wattages led street lighting which is lower than 50w. Once the led street light is intended to install in industrial application, the wattage can designed up to high wattage led street light which ranges from 60w to 150w, even up to 200w led street light, here we are introduce three kinds:

Low Wattage Led Street Lighting
Low wattage led street lighting include led street light 15 watt, 15 watt solar street light, 20w led street light, 20w solar street light, 25w led street light, 25 watt solar street light, 30w led street light, 30w solar street light, 40 watt led street light, 40w solar street light, 50 watt led street light, solar street light 50w.Low wattage led street lighting can provide lumen output from 2,100lm to 7,000lm at lumen efficiency 140lm/w with solar panel to work automatically subject to pre-designed program, best lighting replacement for traditional high pressure sodium 250w, metal halide 250w which is not friendly-environmental to build up a green world compared with no mercury led lamp.
High Wattage Led Street Lighting
High wattage led street lighting cover 60w explosion proof street light, 60w led street light, 70w industrial street lights, 70 watt led street light, 80w flame proof street light, 80w led street light, 90w public lighting, 90w led street light, 100w explosion proof flood lighting, 100w led street light, 120w explosion proof led flood light, 120w led street light, 150w explosion proof spot light, 150w led street light. High wattage led street lighting delivery overall lumens ranging from 8,400 to 21,000lm subject to 140lm/w lumen efficiency, distribute flexible color temperature from 3000k to 6500k compared with equivalent high pressure sodium 400w, 750w and metal halide 400w, 750w.
200w Led Street Lighting
200w led street light is one special part of 200w led flood light since street light looks like a flood light with shoe box or cobra head shape, thus, 200w led street light normally means 200w explosion proof street light, 200w flame proof street light, 200w street lighting, 200w road light, it also can be named by 200w explosion proof flood lighting, 200w explosion proof led flood lights, 200w lighting in the box shoes, 200w cobra head light, 200w shoebox light, cobra head street light 200w. 200w led street light project around 28,000lm which is similar to hps street light 1000w.

How Many Watts Should a Street Light Be?

Nowadays more and more street light are installed in two sides of city street and urban road since people request more frequent traveling and driving through road or street from one place to another. Anyway, to ensure the passage of street at night time, reduce the safety accident both for drivers and pedestrians, even brighten any beautiful landscapes or place, street light bring us all these needs in the dark.

Upon we discuss the street light, the first image come to your mind is those yellow or orange light produced by street lights powered by high pressure sodium light, now more and more street become whiter since led street light are replacing traditional hid light with natural white light, much higher lumen efficiency, longer lifespan, energy-saving features, but how to decide the wattages for led street light? Now we are introducing to you the factors you need to consider before confirm the wattage of led street light:

Pole Height

The wattage of led street light inevitably is influenced by the height lighting pole, for purpose of ideal and enough lighting brightness on the street ground, if the light pole is higher, wattage also need to be increased respectively, here are some information below:

Pole HeightWattage of led street lightPole Height
Wattage of led street light

Road width

You know you will see two lanes road, three lanes road, four lanes road, even twelve lanes road, different road is built at different width, road width may also decide the wattage of led street light. When you install same pole height and wattages of led street light, if the road is wider, the brightness of this wider road is lower, here are some data for your check:

Road WidthQuantity of LanesWattage of led street light
8-10m220, 25, 30, 40, 50w
10-15m360, 70, 80, 90w
More than 15m4100, 120, 150, 200w

Traffic Volume

It is easy to understand that larger traffic volume road request higher brightness and wattage of led street light based on even the same pole height and road width, you can not confirm the exact wattage you need through traffic volume, but you can know the diminishing law. We are listing this factor on the basis of two aspects, one is main road, branch road and sub-branch road, one is city road, urban road and rural road below:

Traffic Volume ComparingWattage of led street light
Expressway>Secondary road>Branch roadExpressway>Secondary road>Branch road
City road>urban road>rural roadCity road>urban road>rural road

Do not hesitate to contact our engineer team for tailor-made layout design for your road and street with well-distributed lighting.

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