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We are working hard to solve the world's challenging lighting cases. We help leading companies across critical markets gain a competitive advantage by cutting energy operating costs efficiently, effectively and sustainably and increasing profitability via innovative service.


SUREALL offers ultra-reliable lighting and lighting control system for a wide ranges of industries, whether you focus on oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical, marine and ports, mining and metal, food and beverage, aviation, industrial and manufacturing, warehouse, street and tunnels, and others such as confined space, service pit, inspection station, stadium and sport courts, we could match proper and specialized illumination lumens, layout and installations to save energy and reduce cost on the basis of actual applications fields in hazardous or no-hazardous condition. Products classified to explosion proof lighting for illumination, explosion proof control boxes for control units, explosion proof fittings for connection in hazardous locations, industrial lighting for illumination corrosive and wet places. Unique and strategic know-how to maximize the availability, capacity, efficiency, safety and sustainability for all products to use in various projects all over the world replying on vast global service points including technical consulting, training, seminar, on-site guidance, Choose SUREALL, enjoy the one-stop technical and sales instructions.

Our Explosion Proof Lighting & Led Lighting Applied In The Following Industries

Oil & Gas Industry Request The Most Quantity Explosion Proof Lighting
The real applications for oil and gas industry include all processes from extraction to offering outputs of raw material to petrochemical plants relative to crude oil, fuel gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas pipeline, gas storage, petrochemicals. Based on the process, it could be divided into upstream exploitation process, middle stream transportation process, and downstream refining process.
Explosion Proof Lighting Ensure The Safety For Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry is actually a derivative industry based on oil and gas industry which normally use the oil and gas finished products ethylene, propylene as the raw material to produce related chemical products including pesticide, textiles, daily necessities, paint, and medicine, and drugs through the cleanroom, chemical workshop, paint booth.
Marine Flood Light Energize Your Marine Operation With Efficiency Ashore Marine Flood Light
The Marine and ports industry is a very important transportation and storage application to carry no matter solid or liquid cargos via cargos vessels, transport petrochemical products such as crude oil and liquefied natural gas via oil tankers, load, unload, and store bulk material in containers through port cranes, relative to hazard good or general goods.
Conveyor Lighting Solutions To Guarantee The 24 Hours Operation For High Economic Benefit For Mining
Mining and metal industry is mainly the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry which plays a profound role in a modern industrial system consisting of metal exploitation and extraction for metal reserves, metal processing to produce finished metal involved in ferrous, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, magnesium to make metalwork for various fields.
Safeguarding Your Food Process And Quality Consistency With Food Processing Lighting
The food and beverages industry is all companies involved in silos for grains, cold storage rooms for fresh raw food such as meat, fruits, and vegetables, food processing workshop for processing raw food materials or prepared foods, cold rooms or wet locations for packaging and distributing finished food, bottling line for alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.
Enabling Your Aircrafts Availability With Lowest Downtime
The aviation industry has become a crucial accelerator for global economic prosperity because it has allowed for improvements in global trade. SUREALL Aviation refers to auxiliary aircraft operations and support systems including aircraft maintenance hangars, airport high mast lighting system management, and aircraft warning lighting system.
Do More Than Make The Low-Carbon High-Yield Future A Reality
Industrial and Manufacturing industry is the utmost fundamental industry in global economy, any factory should have a physical place to arrange all manufacturing process to produce all kinds of products, meanwhile, factories all over the world consistently look for revolutionary energy-saving solutions and a longer lifespan for the lighting system to reduce the downtime to increase the manufacturing productivity.
Lighting Guide You To Look For The Goods You Need Quickly In Warehouse Industry
Warehouse is an essential place for hazardous material storage, general cargos storage, machines storages, packing processing, and delivery, born for lighting large spaces, we are trending to make the most of every area to optimize the storage efficiency to reduce the cost and divide the warehouse to different areas to manage separate to reach certain function and process.
Lighting Your Way Home, Brighten The City, Illuminate The Black Area In Street And Tunnel Industry
All streets and tunnels are like a blood capillary to make it possible for people and cargo from one place to another should be run within 24 hours in order to improve the road efficiency, no matter in cities, suburbs, or rural areas, no matter in dessert, coast, plains, plateau, hill area or mountain area, street and tunnel are constructed in order with no doubts.
Lighting With Low Consumption Enhancing Productivity, Positivity
Here we are explaining products application for confined space lights, garage pit lights, maintenance and inspection light, job site light, stadium, and sports court lights. When the application is an area hazardous gas or dust exist likely, explosion-proof lighting can be installed, otherwise, industrial lighting solutions are available for other cases.
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