Fluorescent Lighting By Features

Fluorescent Lighting By Features

Fluorescent lighting contains T8 explosion proof fluorescent light, explosion proof led tube light, explosion proof led strip lighting, T8 industrial fluorescent light, industrial led tube light, industrial linear lighting to be used as hazardous location led lighting, heavy industry lighting, factory lighting, industrial warehouse lighting, workbench overhead light, instrument panel lights, paint booth lights, fluorescent garage lights. There are three types of lamp sources available, T8 tube, led tube and led strip lamp, T8 tube include 1x18w, 2x18w, 1x36w, 2x36w with 85lm/w lumen efficiency, led tube include 1x9w, 2x9w, 1x18w, 2x18w with 130lm/w lumen efficiency, led strip lamp range from 20w to 120w at 140lm/w lumen efficiency.


Different Lamp Options For Fluorescent Lighting

Traditional industrial fluorescent light is illuminated by T8 fluorescent lamp in most cases, since led tube and led strip lamp feature longer lifespan, higher lumen efficiency, now users are replacing T8 fluorescent lighting to led tube lighting to save energy and maintain friendly-environment slogan all over the world. 

T8 Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent lighting contains 1x18w explosion proof fluorescent lighting, 2x18w explosion proof fluorescent light fittings, 1x36w class 1 div 2 fluorescent fixture, 2x36w zone 1 fluorescent light fittings, T8 explosion proof fluorescent light, 1x18w industrial fluorescent ceiling lights, 2x18w industrial t8 fluorescent light fixtures,1x36w industrial fluorescent light, 2x36w industrial fluorescent light fixtures, t8 industrial fluorescent light fittings to be used as industrial warehouse lighting, workbench overhead light, instrument panel lights, paint booth lights, fluorescent garage lights.
Led Tube Lighting
LED tube lighting cover 1x9w explosion proof led linear lighting, 2x9w explosion proof led tube light,1x18w flame proof fluorescent light fittings, 2x18w flameproof tube light, 20w led class 1 div 1 fluorescent fixture, 30w class 1 div 2 led strip light, 40w led class 1 div 2 fluorescent fixture, 60w class 1 div 1 fluorescent lighting, 80w class 1 div 2 fluorescent lighting, 100w explosion proof tube light fittings, 120w zone 1 fluorescent fittings, 1x9w industrial led tube light, 2x9w industrial hanging tube light, 1x18w industrial led tube light fittings, 2x18w industrial tube lighting, 20w industrial linear lighting, 30w industrial linear pendant light, 40w 2 ft led industrial high bay light, 60w linear industrial lighting, 80w industrial fluorescent ceiling light, 100w industrial led linear bay, 120w led industrial linear light.

Fluorescent Light VS Linear Led Light

In industrial usage, fluorescent lights were requested stably for the durable, efficient, especially the relatively low up-front cost compared with other industrial lighting. The application range so many kinds of factory, workshop, warehouse, we are recommending more users to retrofit the fluorescent light to led tube light based on some features after comparing below:

1. Structure

Fluorescent light is made of T8 lamp tube and electronic ballast

Linear led light is made of LED tube, led driver

No matter fluorescent light or linear led light, they are usually enclosed by metal housing (aluminum alloy or stainless steel) or non-metal housing (glass reinforced plastic) with lamp tube and control unit, high strength housing is able to resist high corrosion, wet location.

2. Price

The up-front price for T8 fluorescent is low, but the maintenance cost is high.

The up-front price for led tube is high, but the maintenance cost is low.

As fluorescent light have favorable price compared with linear led light when led have not widely used in linear led light industry and led quality is not stable enough, it is very rational that users firstly consider fluorescent light as the new-built industrial projects within limit budget. After 2 or more years, users find the electricity bill is at least 40% higher than led tube light. Thus up-front high prices are the main cons for linear led light, but low energy cost is the main pros for linear led lights for a long period. With the dramatic development for led tube industry, now manufacturers can offer linear led light in more reasonable price, some of them have similar price to fluorescent light, more and more users have accepted linear led light to replace fluorescent light.

3. Lifespan

The lifespan of fluorescent light is 20,000 hours years, however, the lifespan of linear led light is 50,000 hours.

Some important projects ask long lasting time operation, linear led light can work more than 2 times of fluorescent light, it saves big amount of maintenance cost for replacement and retrofit, especially ensure the continuous working without shutdown for large industrial plants. Today’s industry put working efficiency as the number one factor since it will directly influence the delivery time and products quality.

4. Lumen Efficiency

T8 fluorescent light is delivered 85lm/w lumen efficiency, led tube light produce 130-140lm/w lumen efficiency.

You may know led tube light features much higher lumen efficiency compared with T8 fluorescent light, lumen efficiency mean the total lumens for every wattage, just imagine the same lumen output, when you use led tube light, the wattage is almost half of ones of T8 fluorescent light, thus, you can save a large cost for electricity.

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