500w High Bay Led Light

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500w high bay led light do not include 500w explosion proof high bay lighting, but include 500w industrial high bay led lights,500w high bay led lights to be used as class 1 division 2 light fixtures, class 1 div 2 light fixtures, class 1 div 2 led lighting, c1d2 lighting, class 2 div 1 led lighting, hazardous location led lighting, hazardous locations lighting, led warehouse lighting, led workshop lights, industrial shop lights and high temperature led lights. led high bay lighting 500w is only used for big indoor space with high ceiling since the lumen can reach up to 80,000 lumens.


500w Industrial High Bay Led Light

SUREALL 500W industrial high bay led light are CE and Rohs certified for wet, damp, dusty and weather proof location.

  • Led 80,000 lumens, 160lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, powder coated surface, corrosion resistance

  • IP66 rated, Nema 4X type

  • 5 years warranty

High Temperature Led Light IHB-T Series

LED 10-600W



100-277V / 347-480V

Type 4X, IP66

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Main Usage Of 500w High Bay Led Light

500w high bay led light only include 500w industrial high temperature high bay light, here we are explaining the usage from three aspects, ceiling height, application and selection guide.

  • Ceiling Height

500w high bay led light can fit with the ultra ceiling height or pole height from 18 to 20 meters, the space is normally very wide to ensure the air flow to cool down the processing areas.

  • Application

500w industrial high bay led light can be suitable for machinery production lines, high heat workshop, process center in high temperature place and other rugged environment.

  • Selection Guide

Here you may know some available models for 500w high bay led light, every model have different main data for you to choose as below:

Selection guide of 500w industrial high bay led light:

ModelPowerLumenIndustrial Features
IP66Jelly JarHigh TemperatureUFO

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