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400w led flood lighting consist of explosion proof flood lighting 400w, 400w industrial led flood lights, 400w led flood light to be used as hazardous location led lighting, explosion proof work light, c1d2 lighting, class 1 div 2 led lighting, class 1 div 2 lighting, marine flood lights, boat flood lights, industrial spotlights, mining floodlights, airport lighting, water proof led floodlights, gym lighting, led stadium lights, led sport lights, basket lights, football stadium lights, high mast light, garage flood light, sport court lighting, baseball field lights, bridge lighting. SUREALL explosion proof led flood light reach up the maximum wattage of 400 watts for class 1 div 2 hazardous location.


400w Explosion Proof Led Flood Light

SUREALL 400W explosion proof led flood light are ATEX and Intertek certified for harsh, hazardous location.

  • Led 56,000lumens, 140lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, excellent heat sink structure

  • Class 1 div 2 only

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 for option

  • 5 years warranty

Explosion Proof Led Flood Light Class 1 Div 2 Zone 2 SHF-IIA Series

Class I Division 2

Zone 2, Zone 21&22

LED 20-400W

Type 4X, IP66

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400w Industrial Led Flood Light

SUREALL 400w industrial led flood light are CE and Rohs certified for wet, damp, dusty and weather proof location.

  • Led 56,000-64,000 lumens, 140-160lm/w lumens efficiency

  • Die cast Aluminum Alloy Housing, powder coated surface, corrosion resistance

  • To use for heavy industry, general industry, stadium and sport court

  • IP66 rated, Nema 4X type

  • 5 years warranty

Main Usage Of 400w Led Flood Light

400w led flood lights is so-called high wattages flood lighting, including 400w explosion proof flood lighting and 400w industrial led flood light, here some usages for your consideration before buying from three aspects, lighting area, application and selection guide.

  • Lighting Area

400 watt explosion proof flood lighting, equipped with very high lumen output, whose light can cover a large area of hazardous areas, like 200 square meters lighting area under high brightness lighting, if you only request a blurred working area, every light can cover an area up to 250-300 square meters.

400w industrial led flood light bring you very bright working place and ensure the normal working for about 400 square meters, when your factory is 2,000 square meters, you can install 5 sets at the top of machinery, steel structure or concrete structure.

  • Application

400 watt explosion proof flood lighting are installed to light up the whole area of a certain zone, such as one of the processing workshop of oil refinery, one of the outdoor oil tanker, one part of natural gas pipelines, part or whole offshore platform, one or several of petrochemical and chemical plants where hazardous gas produce probably.

400w industrial led flood light provide energy-efficient illumination for large container handling, storage areas at sea port, rail transfer facility, apron in commercial airports, aircraft hangars, gym, stadium, sport courts, sport fields, garages.

  • Selection Guide

Here you may know some available models for 400w led flood light, every model have different main data for you to choose as below:

Selection guide of 400w explosion proof flood lighting:

ModelPowerLumenExplosion Proof Division/Zone
Class 1  Div 1Class 1 Div 2Zone 1Zone 2Gas Station

Selection guide of 400w industrial led flood light:

ModelPowerLumenIndustrial Features
IP66Heavy IndustrialGeneral





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