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Explosion proof lighting is based on general lighting purpose to withstand the hazardous and harshest conditions which combustible gas, vapor, dust probably may present in sites, designed with flame proof enclosures, increased safety electrical parts, intrinsically safety parts, spark proof components, along with perfect heat control structure to reduce the temperature rise, lighting electrical spark could be limited the energy to protect the environment from the formation of ignition sources to avoid exploding accident when normal working.

SUREALL innovated the advanced machining and testing technology to ensure the precise, safe, stable explosion proof performance. Hazard class division ranges from die cast aluminum to glass fiber reinforced polyester material, rated from class 1 div 1 to class 1 div 2, from class 2 division 1 to class 2 division 2, and class 3 hazardous locations, lighting zone ranges from zone 1 to zone 2, from zone 21 to zone 22, zone 0 explosive atmosphere, features from explosion proof high bay lighting to explosion proof flood lighting, explosion proof fluorescent lighting, explosion proof emergency lighting and explosion proof flashlight, features from led lights to tube lights, we offer diversified wide ranges of explosion proof lightings suitable for oil, gas, chemical, mining industries.

Is LED Lighting Explosion Proof?

Yes, parts of led lighting are explosion proof, the other parts of led lighting are industrial type, outdoor type, commercial type, indoor type. Let us firstly explain the principle of explosion proof led lighting, normally led lighting should have the basic lighting function, an extra explosion proof technology will be applied to the led lighting to make it to be the explosion proof led lighting to be used in hazardous locations.

What is the explosion proof technology? Now we are explaining to you the most conventional explosion proof technology flame proof technology Ex d and increased safety technology Ex e. You know there are led driver, led lamp, electrical circuit inside the lighting enclosures, even through the electrical parts can produce electrical spark or high temperature to become an ignition source to ignite the hazardous substances, the significant features of explosion proof technology is to isolate the electrical parts inside special designed enclosure.

> Flame proof technology "Ex d"

Flame proof technology means we isolate general electrical parts in a specialized designed metal enclosure, normally aluminum alloy, when electrical circuit inside the enclosure become the ignition source, the internal space inside the enclosure will form an explosion, but we have designed an special flameproof path for all explosion heat and impact to escape from the inner enclosure to the outer the enclosure to a negligible level to avoid the explosion outside the housing.

Flame proof technology

> Increased safety technology "Ex e"

Increased safety technology means we isolate general electrical parts in a specialized designed aluminum or glass fiber reinforce polyester enclosure, through increasing the safety grade such as lower temperature rise for electrical insulation material, scientific and wide electrical creepage distance between electrical conductors, along with better sealing structure for the housing, we are able to avoid the explosion inside the housing.

Increased safety technology

Why Choose SUREALL Explosion Proof Lighting?

  • SUREALL dedicate to apply for aesthetics conception to design the artistic shape for every explosion-proof lighting based on excellent heat dissipation performance even though normally those lighting are industrial application.

  • SUREALL fully consider the complicated usage environment to design more flexible and convenient mounting accessories for engineers to install those lighting in hazardous locations.

  • SUREALL strictly executive full inspection for every explosion-proof enclosures, led drivers, led lamp, even small bolts subject to EU-ATEX and NEC-UL explosion-proof standard.

  • SUREALL promise 5 years warranty for all explosion-proof lighting based on the latest high-efficiency led technology.

Why Choose SUREALL Explosion Proof Lighting?

FAQs about Explosion Proof Lighting


What is the difference between flame proof and explosion proof?


Explosion proof is the umbrella name for many kinds of technology including flame proof, increased safety, intrinsic safety, powder filling, oil immersion, pressured, encapsulation and no spark. So flame proof is one of the most important explosion proof and flame proof is the highest cost, most complicated  and supreme safety grade technology, you can check the article "What is flame proof light?"


What are explosion proof lights?


Explosion proof lights are the light which can resist and avoid the explosion based on general lighting function, after explosion proof treatment to led drivers, led lamp and electrical circuit, lights could be named explosion proof lights, you can check the article "What is hazardous locations light?”

FAQS about Explosion Proof Lighting
FAQS about Sureall Explosion Proof Lighting

Does explosion proof need lighting?


Yes, explosion proof industry require lighting, control stations , socket and plugs, junction box, switches, control panel and pipe fittings, as lighting is the back end equipment for illumination functions, explosion proof absolutely need lighting for any hazardous locations, you can check the article "Are fluorescent lights explosion proof?"


Is intrinsically safe same as explosion proof?


No, intrinsically safe is not the same as explosion proof. Intrinsically safe mean any products are safe enough and do no harm to the people or environment when using. Explosion proof means any products can eliminate the possibility for any explosion, you can check the article "What is an intrinsically safe flashlight?"


What class is explosion proof?


Subject to NEC standard, explosion proof could be divided to class 1 div 1 , class 1 div 2, class 2 division 1, class 2 division 2 and class 3. Subject to EU,ATEX standard, explosion proof could be divided to zone 0, zone 1, zone 2, zone 21 and zone 22, you can check the classification.


Where can you use explosion proof light?


Explosion proof light are widely used in oil and gas industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ship and tanker industry, mining and metal processing industry, waste water treatment industry, power generation industry, you can check the article from the Application.


What makes a light fixture explosion proof?


Mainly when flame proof and increased safety technology is applied into a light fixture, the ignition source of electrical spark and high temperature could be avoided for formation of explosion to make a light fixture explosion proof, you can check the article "Is LED lighting explosion proof?"

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